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I am so excited about the launch of Nicolette Hart Studios!  We already have success stories!  Everything from booked jobs, to breakthroughs in vocal ability, to college audition tapes that are making an impact!


2.14.15-Happy Valentine's Day!  


It has been a busy season for NicoletteHartStudios...

     In the 6 months since the opening of NHS, I have watched students grow and develop in incredible ways.  It has, and continues to be an honor and a pleasure.  Here are some exciting announcements and shout outs...*


Congratualations to...

CG on multiple bookings-Guys and Dolls, Violet, and Ben Cameron's Broadway Sessions!

MB on Into The Woods!

TC on multiple callbacks for Broadway shows-more to come!

SE on your fine work at Competition!

MF on booking Sweet Charity!

CH on booking Guys and Dolls and Mary Poppins! 

NH on booking a lead role in Nice Work if You Can Get It!

MM on incredible college prep, and booking a lead role in Nice Work if You Can Get It!

LM on booking A Christmas Carol, and Annie!

EM on booking Footloose and being asked to be the soloist in an upcoming concert!

SO on acceptance to prestigious Belmont University, and booking a lead role in Nice Work if You Can Get It!

CP on booking Mary Poppins and Violet!

SR on booking The Little Mermaid!

DL on a successful 1st audition in NYC for Bernard Telsey Casting!



And to EVERYONE in NHS, a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You have all made incredible strides and discoveries, and are all on your own wonderful paths to becoming smart, confident, well rounded artists in your own right...continued success...XOXO,















*Names are abbreviated to maintain the privacy of my students, but you all know who you are!



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