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2/19/15-LM-Congratulations on a successful 1st audition in NYC!!!

TC-Congratulations on yet ANOTHER successful audition in NYC!!!


8/17/15- HI EVERYONE!!!  Well, it has been a whirlwind 6 months!  Some of you I have seen and some of you I am just starting to see again.

The Bette Midler Tour was once agian a wonderful experience.  If you get a chance check out the pics/videos here on the site!  Now for studio news...

Since my last update I am happy to report that after many auditions and a lot of hard work, sisters MC and TC booked MATILDA ON BROADWAY! TOGETHER!!!  Pretty fantastic right?

Congrats to MB for her acceptance into the Broadway Theatre Alliance Summer Program!

Congrats to DL and KB on their moves to NYC!  Take the city by storm girls!!

Congrats to MM on his successful audition and acceptance to Wagner College!

Bon Voyage to SO who auditioned and was accepted to Belmont!!!

Congrats to CP and CG on their incredible performances in Violet!




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